Training Course Modules

Intro to Food Futurism


 Introduction to the practice of curating trends and identifying new ones. Interactive session where participants will learn to collect, collate, evaluate and identify new trends. 

Understanding Gene Technology


 Module will consider the impact of new gene technologies on food and farming. Session will include discussion of science, policy and regulations of new technologies. 

Alternative Proteins


 Module will examine recent developments in alternative proteins from plant-based burgers to lab grown meat. Session will include discuss of science, policy and regulations of new technologies. 

Consumer Attitudes & Psychology


  Understand how consumer attitudes shape food trends and are shaped by trends. Examine the mental shortcuts consumers use to make decisions about the food they eat. 

Communicating Trust


This session will examine the forces that have undermined trust in our food system over the last few decades and how organizations can rebuild trust with consumers.  The discussion the elements of trust and the role of authenticity and values based marketing in building trust.

The Future of Transparency


How have consumer expectations about transparency changed over time and what will they look like going forward? What will this mean for farmers, distributors and food companies? How will technology impact this trend? This session will consider these questions and more.